Why I Created Wonder Wombman

Wonder Wombman is a dedication to the feminine for her ability to bring forth new life. This page is not only dedicated to my mother, but to all mothers and all mothered. We all come from a mother, so it’s dedicated to everyone. This page is dedicated to gender bias and honoring thy mother/feminine.

Women have been left out of the god equation, left out of the holy trinity, written out of history, mistreated, blamed, belittled, stoned, dethroned, etc.

I got tired of people thinking and speaking of god only as a “he, him and his.” I got tired of the concept of god being projected towards me as an all-knowing and all-seeing white male living beyond the sky. I know god to be quite the opposite. So I honor the Wombman right here on Earth to balance out the pseudo-teachings of my early life. Ultimately, I know that “god” is an “it and is.”‘ God is nature, god is all natural existence.

You will see a lot of poetry on this site. But, I do not consider myself a poet because i do not recite them before the public. I use the art of poetry to convey a message that some may not resonate with written in a direct manner.

I like to go against the grain, look right when you tell me left, look down when you point me up, look within when you tell me out.

The reason why you see a lot of brown-skinned women with natural hair is because that is my image of god and I also want my sisters to know that god makes no mistakes and you are perfect just the way you are. You are the closest reflection of the first mother. No one can debate this.

He within she
He inside her
Man within woman
Male within female
Lad within lady
Language shows oneness
God is a neuter noun
Nature is Neutral

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Wonder Wombman