Torn Apart

Birthed this nation from her navel
Built civilization from her babies
Took her stories and painted their faces
Made first million off her creations

A symbol of rape, lynching and slavery
A symbol that fought against liberation
Just the good ole boys fighting for free labor
Couldn’t enslave grown minds, so they split families to break you

Let’s breed more and more baby negros
Programmed them all to feel inferior
Whip their behinds to let them know
Nigger is a line on how far you can go

This land is my land
Pray to forgive those who trespass
It’s illegal to read boy
But here’s a picture of jesus, now let me interpret

Don’t spare the rod, you must beat your child
If you don’t whip, then I shall
Born from cursed savages & deserve the position you’re in
You come from nothing and was born in sin

We birthed this nation from your navel
We built civilization off your babies
We took your stories and painted our faces
Made our first millions off your creations

“Torn Apart”

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