The Ratio Of Life – The Science of the Black Madonna

The black madonna and child
The feminine and masculine ratio of life
The black madonna and child
The first symbol of Christ

Why does mother hold a son and never a daughter?
Why didn’t Isis conceive a girl instead of Horus?
Why is the symbol of the crucifixion, now more popular than Mary and baby Jesus?
Why does every religion seem to have one? Like Krishna and Yashoda

Could it be a scale of gender roles pertaining to creation?
Could it be a reminder to males that you’re still someone’s baby?
Could it be that men are modern and women are ancient?
Could it be the ratio of life and how males do little compared to the lady?

See all through history you see multiple madonna’s and sons
It wasn’t until recent that you see mass symbols of the crucifixion
Got you focused on death and not living life
Worried about the after, when heaven and hell are states of mind

A symbol of Christ
That has been eradicated
The black madonna and child
A conception so miraculous and immaculate
“The Ratio of Life”


Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown


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