The Tools Malcolm Used

The Tools Malcolm Used  “I always ask the question, “Did you read the book?” (Autobiography of Malcolm X) and everybody raises their hands. They all read Malcolm! So then I asked the question, ‘How many of you bothered to read the books, that the book said Malcolm read?’ Now all of a sudden nobody is raising their hands. But wait a minute… I thought you said you read the book? If you read the book and it mentioned some books that Malcolm read. Why didn’t you go read them? Since y’allRead More

The Importance of Etymology

In the year 2010, I was introduced to the science of etymology by a man by the name of Dr. Clifford Black. He taught me that there is a difference between a meaning and a definition. Definitions change over time and a word can be defined in many different ways. But the meaning of a word never changes, it stays the same. The root intent is the root. The word “define” means “to limit, set a boundary or outline.” “De-“ means “to take away, from, down or out” and “-fine” means “to finishRead More

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