A Tribe That Refused To Be Captured Into Enslavement

Kru People A Tribe That Refused To Be Captured Into Enslavement  The Kru people inhabit a homeland in coastal southeastern Liberia and neighboring Cote d`Ivoire (Ivory Coast). The Kru are a tribe known for sailing. Some Kru have also migrated to the neighboring Sierra Leone to work as fishermen and dockworkers. The Kru along with the Grebo resisted Maryland settlers’ efforts to control their trade. They were also infamous amongst early European enslavers as being especially averse to capture. Their reputation was such that their value as enslaved people wasRead More

Mother’s Nature

There is nothing greater than her innate power All have drank the nectar of her flower Bit the apple from her tree of knowledge Graduated magna cum laude from her internal college Blossomed in her garden of eden Earth’s forbidden, yet quintessential secret First and last wonder of the world The reason heavens gate is compared to a pearl Can’t deny the soil that shaped you It took femi-nine divine months to create you But then you grew to pray to the opposite An all-knowing white man living beyond the sky that neverRead More

Sojourner Truth – The Different Versions of “Ain’t I A Woman?”

Sojourner Truth born Isabella (“Bell”) Baumfree; (c. 1797 – Nov 26, 1883) was an abolitionist and women’s rights activist. Truth was born enslaved in Swartekill, Ulster County New York. She escaped with her infant daughter to freedom in 1826. After going to court to recover her son, in 1828, she became the first woman of color to win such a case against a so-called white man. Sometime after gaining her freedom in 1827, she became a well-known anti-slavery speaker. She gave herself the name Sojourner Truth in 1843. Her best-known speech wasRead More

Black Privilege

Born in a system where they say I’m not privileged Yet the sun loves my skin, I am divine, genetics infinite Born in a state where brown is put down Yet my skin matches all soil on mother earth’s ground Born in a system where blacks had to sit in the back Yet I was the first to walk this earth and keep our existence intact Born in a nation where lynching was legal Yet Webster defined “Black” as bad, wicked and evil? Born is a doctrine where women areRead More


You are an indigenous aqua avatar A mermaid on soil Been here pre-pangaea Optimus prime transforming souls Earth is your ocean Bathe in the sun Synergy between that energy All elements are one Bronze epidermis matches the fertile brass land Sapphire in the sky matches your blue bloody veins See you are the microcosm of life Made in the image of love A reflection of our universe As below and so above Wonderwombman.com

The Black Fives – First Women’s Basketball Teams

The Black Fives First Women’s Basketball Teams   The term Black Fives refers to all-black basketball teams that thrived in the United States around 1904. Early basketball teams were often called “fives” in reference to the five starting players. Some of the first all-male teams were known as colored quints, colored fives, Negro fives, or black fives. Dozens of all-black teams emerged during the Black Fives Era, in New York City, Washington, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and other cities. They were sponsored by or affiliated with churches, athletic clubs, socialRead More

The Bare Essential

“The Bare Essential” I bared my soul They banned my skin I beared your child I am the bare essential   I shared my truth I am the art of God My bare brown body is the book of love   2 Corinthians Chapter 4 verse 6 …from darkness to light you swam my canal and faced the christ   Exodus Chapter 3 verse 14 It says I am that I am So God ain’t the name   I birthed you all and shared my inner essence I am theRead More


Always there for her creation You hold our existence together Deliver no matter the weather Unconditional lover No existence without thy mother You nurtured before, during & ever So to you I must bow with grand reverence The vertebrae of all life Great mother there all thru the night You cared and carried me Got your back eternally “Determination” Wonderwombman.com

Fearless Warrior Queen Nanny

Fearless Warrior Queen Nanny (c. 1685 – c. 1755) Queen Nanny, a Jamaican national hero, was a well-known leader of the Jamaican “Maroons” in the 18th century. In Jamaica when slavery was at it’s peak a number of West Africans fled the plantations to form tribes in the mountains. These people were called a derogatory Spanish name “cimarrons” or “Maroons” which meant savage, but they were very civilized, and extremely organized with the intent of freeing their brothers and sisters. The so-called Maroon tribes are said to have inter-married withRead More

I Met God, She’s Bronze

I Met God, She’s Bronze Hair like wool Queenly kinky & happily nappy I met God She’s bronze & str8 immaculate She performed great miracles like parting her red sea & breaking her warm waters to deliver lil-ole’-me Black holes spin spiral inspiring verbs & nouns No survival Without arrival Must bow to which you were umbilically bond With royal-rays-of-radiance & pyro-in-her-middle She’s everything eternally everlastingly infinite Always has been & always will be I met God she’s bronze & black as she can be “I Met God, She’s Bronze”Read More

Mothers Nature

“Mothers Nature” I scream thunder I breathe tornadoes I dance hurricanes With a lightening touch I cause orgasmic earthquakes and electromagnetically attract pollen to my bearthplace This black hole Is the Milky Way I sweat rain Cry mist Piss storms Bleed seas I’m up with the sun Sleep with the moon Shining with the stars Flowing with the ocean My skin matches the soil Soul burns with Sol Heals with Helios Absorbs rays from Ra I am the universe and it is me As above So below So within IsRead More

Hail Mary

We seek your guidance full of grace / Hail to Mother Mary we bow and celebrate Your immaculate conception means the feminine came first / And most people erroneously believe the immaculate conception was about Jesus’ birth From Mary to Isis, and from Isis to Auset / Different languages, similar stories, same concept From the Madonna and Child, to the cruxification / Why is the focus now on the death and not the chrysalis evolution Oh Mother Mary, the powers want us to fear and not love / They told usRead More

Mother Means Matter

Loaned your body my tissue Know I am forever with you Every time you touch you, you not only touch me You touch your grandmother, your great-grandmother, & all the way back to the first lady See life recycles, all material is maternal I gave you matter, in Latin “mater” means mother Pushed you through my pearly gates Modeled you love & never to hate Fed you from my nips to navel Never forget I am the image of your creator Your father sparked the pattern That’s why in LatinRead More

Depiction of Heaven

There is an innate intelligence That makes me a creator I am the closest depiction of what they call heaven To have life within life Is so unbelievable The strength to carry & deliver I feel most invincible No man can do What I’ve done All men are sons To the feminine Came from my womb Not your rib First god is your mother No way around it My belly is the bible and all of nature I can give you the answers to all of your questions There isRead More

The Beauty of a Pregnant Woman

The ability to ignite polarities The sacrifice of dis – ease The will to carry The responsibility of delivering The circle of emotions The amazement of life The wonder of what’s to come The care to nurture The power of nature The need of support for all she has given The soil of the earth The aqua of our atmosphere The pyro in the mid A gift of God The perfect book to read to know how the universe works The Beauty of a Pregnant Woman Get Free ~Wonder WombmanRead More

Rest On Your Throne

You can image the unseen and unknown From the symmetric principles of what’s shown If the feminine body creates and shapes life in this galaxy Then axiomatically it’s a mama sitting on her throne that birthed all of reality Created within the body of she Mama molded you with daddies clay into hot pottery Her belly ballooned and out came you A divine extension of what you came through Years later you learn that god is a he, him and his And that Eve bite the apple and cause worldRead More

I Pray Within

I found the truth Didn’t look too far to see I found my truth Inside of me I use to bend my knees humbly I waited as long as I could I spoke those names so ignorantly Now I act on what needs to be done They dipped me in water To wash placed guilt away I served him daily I would pray and I would just wait Yet my people still enslaved Behind enemy lines Locked down and lynched up Even thrown away by my own kind So IRead More

Why I Created Wonder Wombman

Wonder Wombman is a dedication to the feminine for her ability to bring forth new life. This page is not only dedicated to my mother, but to all mothers and all mothered. We all come from a mother, so it’s dedicated to everyone. This page is dedicated to gender bias and honoring thy mother/feminine. Balancing The Concept of God: The Purpose of Wonder Wombman I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee where a church is on every other corner and people flock there every Sunday to hear a shoutingRead More

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