Too Often

Too often do our struggles and sacrifices get overlooked and taken for granted. Too often do we give our power away to an unseen and unheard God calling it a He, Him and His.   Too often do we look at your natural selves and not like what we see. Too often do we choose the pretty-boy-playas and overlook good hard-working men.   Too often do we let man-made-devices distract us from the creator’s creations. Too often have our voices gone unheard in modern societies.   We must stand andRead More

My Sudden Treasure

My soul sought to add my other half Love crossed my peregrine paths At first sight, our hearts smiled and just laughed Insight beyond your physique, I turned on my x-ray vision Without searching or giving great effort We stumbled upon our natural treasure We knew what we found from the spark Like finding what you need in the dark The look on your face was so priceless It said: Where have you been all of my life king Weight of the world has been lifted God’s gift to usRead More

Your God Versus My God

Your God is all-seeing and all-knowing and never stops evil My God ran to my cries every time I needed her Your God let your ancestors get raped and beaten My God came back and led her people to freedom Your God answers no prayers unless you believe in him My God will forgive a man that just caused harm to them You’ve been waiting on your God for over 2000 years I can call my God right now and speak to them “Your God Versus My God” WonderWombman.com

No Life Without Love

He sparked the pattern She makes the matter He stayed thereafter But he didn’t have to   See, whoever designed us Gave her the most responsibility Nine months vs. Nine minutes That’s Gods recipe   Yes she has the superior abilities You bow to her belly and breast everytime you feed Her role in creation is what caused you to be Her umbilical was most biblical until you learned to read   It’s time to include her into your concept of God She truly deserves the greatest depiction thereof IfRead More

Humbly I Bow

Humbly I bow before the I wed Eternally I vow to love, honor & protect Kneeled before my future, in awe of our creations So proud to be the spark of so many gods in the making   From your likeness, I sprang You bear the image from which I came I bow to the divinity within you You are blessed with a gift that no man can do   Most admired to be the admiral of your vessel I’ll always have absolute reverence to your heavenly temple And I’llRead More

Who You Calling A Bitch

Far from a bad bitch I’m a dog but spelled backwards Not your typical or average Woman you’ll see in passing I shine light on the dark Took his spark & created all Existence from my loving How could you disrespect the likeness of your mother Never call me out my name Unless it’s the most reverend word in this Anglo lang I bare my soul for your mental delight Shared my inner-visions & provide potent insight Yeah I’m bad meaning good and good meaning god Can’t dethrone that fromRead More

The Story of Joyce Bryant

Joyce Bryant was considered “The Black Marilyn Monroe” and called “The Bronze Blond Bombshell.” She is singer and actress who achieved fame in the late 1940s and early 1950s as a theater and nightclub performer. She was called one of the most beautiful black women in the world and regularly appeared in magazines like Jet. A Life magazine layout in 1953 depicted the sexy singer in provocative poses. (born Oct 14, 1928 – alive and well) Her act was outrageously sexy; she wore provocative, tight, backless, cleavage-revealing mermaid dresses thatRead More

The Black Woman is God

The Black Woman is God A reflection of the first She is the chosen star That big banged on this Earth She birthed this nation Breastfed the mouth of millions Her body made the economy That’s now set up against her Yet she still be the miracle Her unbiblical is most biblical The first wonder of the world Immaculate power from her parted legs Place in the center (Placenta) is where power lives She creates sapients from his sea-men A black hole in the Milky Way The black womb isRead More

Taking The World Out On Me

Sexual abuse is the least spoken of and reported issue within the “black” community. It’s so easy to reminisce about the good ole days and how things use to be, but so hard to talk about the ugly. So many people try to sweep the bad under the rug. But know that the bad is still there infecting your roots and growing icky blossoms. I wasn’t sexually abused, I was physically abused! My sister used to beat my ass so hard and so long, that I would have whelps allRead More

Edible Arrangements

Home late from wining and dining at our favorite restaurant He wanted to watch the game, but I have some other things in mind I may join you later babe, go ahead and watch the game I went upstairs to change, no clothes, just edibles arranged I lit 2 candles and turned on some Isley’s I was hoping he would hear it and come spy on me I hopped in the shower for a quick rinse Luffa’ed my kitty because dinner ain’t finished yet All of a sudden, he openedRead More

The Ratio Of Life – The Science of the Black Madonna

The black madonna and child The feminine and masculine ratio of life The black madonna and child The first symbol of Christ Why does mother hold a son and never a daughter? Why didn’t Isis conceive a girl instead of Horus? Why is the symbol of the crucifixion, now more popular than Mary and baby Jesus? Why does every religion seem to have one? Like Krishna and Yashoda Could it be a scale of gender roles pertaining to creation? Could it be a reminder to males that you’re still someone’sRead More

Innate Behavior

Never be a shame To bare yourself God made you perfect Like no one else Similar in likeness Yet individually unique A carbon copy of the origin Most intelligent species Never take for granted Your gift to reason If you allow someone to think for you It defeats the purpose of you living You were born with a miraculous gene To question, experiment & explore Stand upright in your power Never allow those traits to be destroyed Never stop asking yourself that question What is the purpose of life? That’sRead More

Queen Charlotte – African Presence in British Royalty

The riddle of Queen Charlotte’s African ancestry was solved as a result of an investigation into the black magi. A great debt of gratitude is owed the History Department of McGill University. They found at least half a dozen quotes by Queen Charlotte’s contemporaries, regarding her Africoid features. Because of its “scientific” source, the most valuable references would probably be the one published in the autobiography of the Queen’s personal physician, Baron Stockmar, where he described her as having “…a true mulatto face.“ Perhaps the most literary of these allusions to herRead More

Si-star Constellations

We use to play patty cake at recess Let the boys chase… but never catch us Sleepovers but never slept Makeovers playing with mom’s makeup She had a boyfriend before I did So I got one just to fit in Got love in my heart forever You are my sistar from another mister Saw each other undressed and yes she wore my clothes We have a magnetic attraction but nothing sexual We’re free, mind open and void of shame Racing to the phone every time it rang Still our innerRead More

Supreme Being

She nurtured and shaped you With her nips and her navel You can grow taller and stronger But forever her baby Her role and her purpose is Always above and beyond Must bow and show honor to An image of God Never forget what and who you came through You cannot be greater than Your mother’s nature Her role and her purpose is Above and beyond The one who gives birth is first Bow to an image of God Wonderwombman.com “Supreme Being”

One Red Rose

I entered home from the gym Smelled the scent of supper simmering The house was sun and candlelit He whispered: Babe your bath water is running He washed my back and breast My feet and mind caressed Dried and oiled me down Slipped on my sexiest gown Catered to me in bed Salmon, wine and asparagus Suddenly he left out on me Rock pebbles gently struck the windows of my balcony Opened the doors, stepped out and he Serenaded: My Cherie Amour And tears of joy Rained down on my balconyRead More

Passing the Torch

Passed down to you Is the heart of a lion Knowledge & skills to thrive Touch of a shaman Your genetics are ancient A spiraling double helix Shaped by my nature Fed from my navel & nipple You were born whole not born in sin Born in corruption a world dominated by men You will balance this earth Turn chaos into peace Show love has it’s worth No life without it A gift of god My mirror of me The purpose of living Continuing our tree Wonderwombman.com “Passing the Torch”Read More

Ma’at Metu Neter

First wonder of the world Last secret here on earth Sacred treasure for minds to search Only the sun can uncover your priceless worth Uncoded and impossible to crack Her way of life is innate, ma’at Indecipherable metu neter Men dedicate their lives just to impress you You inspired ancient megaliths All temples had you in mind when built Your son desires your attention as he plays Mama look, mama look and give him expressions of amaze You keep us thinking oh great mother My sister, my daughter, my wifeRead More

Let’s Reincarnate

My sister from another mister My brother from another mother I choose you because we reflect each other I want my son to mirror me I want our girl to look like us Together we exhibit The power of love Unique to this universe We grew from the soil We’re mentally connected to all powers above Let’s do it again Reincarnate our souls Connect polar opposites Turn our solar halves into a whole Wonderwombman.com “Let’s Reincarnate”

I Am Woman

I am kali, I am gaia  I am nut, isis and mami-wata I am The One I’ve been waiting for I am the venus of willendorf I am every woman Originator of life and love A reflection of the first mother Soil below and soul above I am every periodic element Known and unknown to man I breast fed this entire planet Made it everything it is I am every woman Life goes back to one My darkness created the light I was deified before my sun I am every wombman The matrix is within me I am every woman Infinite, eternally Wonderwombman.comRead More

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