I Am Woman

I am kali, I am gaia  I am nut, isis and mami-wata I am The One I’ve been waiting for I am the venus of willendorf I am every woman Originator of life and love A reflection of the first mother Soil below and soul above I am every periodic element Known and unknown to man I breast fed this entire planet Made it everything it is I am every woman Life goes back to one My darkness created the light I was deified before my sun I am every wombman The matrix is within me I am every woman Infinite, eternally Wonderwombman.comRead More

C.P.R. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

C.P.R. Our cups runneth over Hearts overflow Our internal beauty blossomed Endorphins rush and explode Our external actions Are shaped from within We were lovers second First we were friends My other half My face against yours Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation We breathe life into our souls Defibrillator doses Exercising our cardio Push that holy spirit Pump that inner joy Our cups runneth over Two flames about to boil You give me life baby C.P.R. “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation” Wonderwombman.com        

I Pray Within

I found the truth Didn’t look too far to see I found my truth Inside of me I use to bend my knees humbly I waited as long as I could I spoke those names so ignorantly Now I act on what needs to be done They dipped me in water To wash placed guilt away I served him daily I would pray and I would just wait Yet my people still enslaved Behind enemy lines Locked down and lynched up Even thrown away by my own kind So IRead More

Wonder Wombman