Too Often

Too often do our struggles and sacrifices get overlooked and taken for granted. Too often do we give our power away to an unseen and unheard God calling it a He, Him and His.   Too often do we look at your natural selves and not like what we see. Too often do we choose the pretty-boy-playas and overlook good hard-working men.   Too often do we let man-made-devices distract us from the creator’s creations. Too often have our voices gone unheard in modern societies.   We must stand andRead More

R.B.G. (Red Black Green)

A child of the sun A flower from the soil Sweet nectar of love R.ed is for the blood From darkness to light Carbon + melanin Indigenous life B.lack is for the soil & skin Chlorophyll and photosynthesis After winter must come spring Life recycles in four Vegetation is a symbol for the G.reen Afar is for your fire Ka is for your breath A microcosm of the motherland Priceless life and wealth “R.B.G. (Red Black Green)” Wonderwombman.com

My Sudden Treasure

My soul sought to add my other half Love crossed my peregrine paths At first sight, our hearts smiled and just laughed Insight beyond your physique, I turned on my x-ray vision Without searching or giving great effort We stumbled upon our natural treasure We knew what we found from the spark Like finding what you need in the dark The look on your face was so priceless It said: Where have you been all of my life king Weight of the world has been lifted God’s gift to usRead More

Your God Versus My God

Your God is all-seeing and all-knowing and never stops evil My God ran to my cries every time I needed her Your God let your ancestors get raped and beaten My God came back and led her people to freedom Your God answers no prayers unless you believe in him My God will forgive a man that just caused harm to them You’ve been waiting on your God for over 2000 years I can call my God right now and speak to them “Your God Versus My God” WonderWombman.com

We Need Each Other

Our sons & our daughters Will mirror our mothers & fathers We stand on our great grand shoulders Eternally through your portal I bow to you my brother Indeed we chose each other I vow to you sister Know forever I’m with you We have eons of heritage Our love eternally past and present tense Our connection is most heaven sent We treat each other with the highest reverence No us without trust No life without love No one without two I’m lost without you “We Need Each Other” WonderWombman.comRead More

Taking The World Out On Me

Sexual abuse is the least spoken of and reported issue within the “black” community. It’s so easy to reminisce about the good ole days and how things use to be, but so hard to talk about the ugly. So many people try to sweep the bad under the rug. But know that the bad is still there infecting your roots and growing icky blossoms. I wasn’t sexually abused, I was physically abused! My sister used to beat my ass so hard and so long, that I would have whelps allRead More

Edible Arrangements

Home late from wining and dining at our favorite restaurant He wanted to watch the game, but I have some other things in mind I may join you later babe, go ahead and watch the game I went upstairs to change, no clothes, just edibles arranged I lit 2 candles and turned on some Isley’s I was hoping he would hear it and come spy on me I hopped in the shower for a quick rinse Luffa’ed my kitty because dinner ain’t finished yet All of a sudden, he openedRead More

Innate Behavior

Never be a shame To bare yourself God made you perfect Like no one else Similar in likeness Yet individually unique A carbon copy of the origin Most intelligent species Never take for granted Your gift to reason If you allow someone to think for you It defeats the purpose of you living You were born with a miraculous gene To question, experiment & explore Stand upright in your power Never allow those traits to be destroyed Never stop asking yourself that question What is the purpose of life? That’sRead More

Passing the Torch

Passed down to you Is the heart of a lion Knowledge & skills to thrive Touch of a shaman Your genetics are ancient A spiraling double helix Shaped by my nature Fed from my navel & nipple You were born whole not born in sin Born in corruption a world dominated by men You will balance this earth Turn chaos into peace Show love has it’s worth No life without it A gift of god My mirror of me The purpose of living Continuing our tree Wonderwombman.com “Passing the Torch”Read More

Ma’at Metu Neter

First wonder of the world Last secret here on earth Sacred treasure for minds to search Only the sun can uncover your priceless worth Uncoded and impossible to crack Her way of life is innate, ma’at Indecipherable metu neter Men dedicate their lives just to impress you You inspired ancient megaliths All temples had you in mind when built Your son desires your attention as he plays Mama look, mama look and give him expressions of amaze You keep us thinking oh great mother My sister, my daughter, my wifeRead More

Let’s Reincarnate

My sister from another mister My brother from another mother I choose you because we reflect each other I want my son to mirror me I want our girl to look like us Together we exhibit The power of love Unique to this universe We grew from the soil We’re mentally connected to all powers above Let’s do it again Reincarnate our souls Connect polar opposites Turn our solar halves into a whole Wonderwombman.com “Let’s Reincarnate”

I Am Woman

I am kali, I am gaia  I am nut, isis and mami-wata I am The One I’ve been waiting for I am the venus of willendorf I am every woman Originator of life and love A reflection of the first mother Soil below and soul above I am every periodic element Known and unknown to man I breast fed this entire planet Made it everything it is I am every woman Life goes back to one My darkness created the light I was deified before my sun I am every wombman The matrix is within me I am every woman Infinite, eternally Wonderwombman.comRead More

C.P.R. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

C.P.R. Our cups runneth over Hearts overflow Our internal beauty blossomed Endorphins rush and explode Our external actions Are shaped from within We were lovers second First we were friends My other half My face against yours Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation We breathe life into our souls Defibrillator doses Exercising our cardio Push that holy spirit Pump that inner joy Our cups runneth over Two flames about to boil You give me life baby C.P.R. “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation” Wonderwombman.com        

Mother’s Nature

There is nothing greater than her innate power All have drank the nectar of her flower Bit the apple from her tree of knowledge Graduated magna cum laude from her internal college Blossomed in her garden of eden Earth’s forbidden, yet quintessential secret First and last wonder of the world The reason heavens gate is compared to a pearl Can’t deny the soil that shaped you It took femi-nine divine months to create you But then you grew to pray to the opposite An all-knowing white man living beyond the sky that neverRead More

Black Privilege

Born in a system where they say I’m not privileged Yet the sun loves my skin, I am divine, genetics infinite Born in a state where brown is put down Yet my skin matches all soil on mother earth’s ground Born in a system where blacks had to sit in the back Yet I was the first to walk this earth and keep our existence intact Born in a nation where lynching was legal Yet Webster defined “Black” as bad, wicked and evil? Born is a doctrine where women areRead More


You are an indigenous aqua avatar A mermaid on soil Been here pre-pangaea Optimus prime transforming souls Earth is your ocean Bathe in the sun Synergy between that energy All elements are one Bronze epidermis matches the fertile brass land Sapphire in the sky matches your blue bloody veins See you are the microcosm of life Made in the image of love A reflection of our universe As below and so above Wonderwombman.com

Torn Apart

Birthed this nation from her navel Built civilization from her babies Took her stories and painted their faces Made first million off her creations A symbol of rape, lynching and slavery A symbol that fought against liberation Just the good ole boys fighting for free labor Couldn’t enslave grown minds, so they split families to break you Let’s breed more and more baby negros Programmed them all to feel inferior Whip their behinds to let them know Nigger is a line on how far you can go This land isRead More

Teach Me Power

Teach me how to; 1) Infiltrate the system 2) Make change within 3) Stay under the radar 4) Come back with everything Don’t just drop my mind off at school and allow them to teach me anything Prepare me for the lies That I will surely face The spook who sat behind the door Sankofa I silently scream Teach me how to have power In what I’ve been born in ~Wonderwombman.com “Teach Me Power” Fight the system by teaching our children how to have power. If you haven’t watched theRead More

Who Taught You How To Breathe?

Who Taught You How To Breathe?  Who taught you how to breathe? How to suckle mama’s titty? How to crawl and walk? Who taught you how to talk? Who taught you how to see? How to survive and thrive in mama’s belly? Who taught you how to think? The questions above proves intelligence is innate. Who taught you these words? How to swim the canal at birth? Who taught you how to be? Most of these questions should have been answered “me” Wonderwombman.com “Who Taught You How To Breathe?” Human beingsRead More

Mathematical Symmetry

Mathematical Symmetry The answer to every equation Shaped from mamas navel Perfect from every angle Proof that there are angels A reflection of you and me The inspiration of geometry Continual family tree Rotational symmetry Studied your retina And made the camera Studied your wings And created the plane Bow to yourself Your health is your wealth Genetics so magical Your body mathematical Wonderwombman.com

Wonder Wombman