No Life Without Love

He sparked the pattern She makes the matter He stayed thereafter But he didn’t have to   See, whoever designed us Gave her the most responsibility Nine months vs. Nine minutes That’s Gods recipe   Yes she has the superior abilities You bow to her belly and breast everytime you feed Her role in creation is what caused you to be Her umbilical was most biblical until you learned to read   It’s time to include her into your concept of God She truly deserves the greatest depiction thereof IfRead More

Humbly I Bow

Humbly I bow before the I wed Eternally I vow to love, honor & protect Kneeled before my future, in awe of our creations So proud to be the spark of so many gods in the making   From your likeness, I sprang You bear the image from which I came I bow to the divinity within you You are blessed with a gift that no man can do   Most admired to be the admiral of your vessel I’ll always have absolute reverence to your heavenly temple And I’llRead More

Innate Behavior

Never be a shame To bare yourself God made you perfect Like no one else Similar in likeness Yet individually unique A carbon copy of the origin Most intelligent species Never take for granted Your gift to reason If you allow someone to think for you It defeats the purpose of you living You were born with a miraculous gene To question, experiment & explore Stand upright in your power Never allow those traits to be destroyed Never stop asking yourself that question What is the purpose of life? That’sRead More

Supreme Being

She nurtured and shaped you With her nips and her navel You can grow taller and stronger But forever her baby Her role and her purpose is Always above and beyond Must bow and show honor to An image of God Never forget what and who you came through You cannot be greater than Your mother’s nature Her role and her purpose is Above and beyond The one who gives birth is first Bow to an image of God “Supreme Being”

Mother’s Nature

There is nothing greater than her innate power All have drank the nectar of her flower Bit the apple from her tree of knowledge Graduated magna cum laude from her internal college Blossomed in her garden of eden Earth’s forbidden, yet quintessential secret First and last wonder of the world The reason heavens gate is compared to a pearl Can’t deny the soil that shaped you It took femi-nine divine months to create you But then you grew to pray to the opposite An all-knowing white man living beyond the sky that neverRead More

Mothers Nature

“Mothers Nature” I scream thunder I breathe tornadoes I dance hurricanes With a lightening touch I cause orgasmic earthquakes and electromagnetically attract pollen to my bearthplace This black hole Is the Milky Way I sweat rain Cry mist Piss storms Bleed seas I’m up with the sun Sleep with the moon Shining with the stars Flowing with the ocean My skin matches the soil Soul burns with Sol Heals with Helios Absorbs rays from Ra I am the universe and it is me As above So below So within IsRead More

The Forever Changing Art Above and Below

You are a floral butterfly Sparked by papa’s pyro Shaped by mama’s aqua In he/r garden of love You always have been And always will be Four seasons Five star Grade A Organic Indigenous sweet nectar Our roots run deep Eternally seeking Earths core Decorating the surface With colorful blossoms Grounded by gravity Stretched from the stars Forever painting a kaleidoscopic picture For the unseen afar Forever changing art Scripted on the canvas of love We are forever changing art Entertaining the gods So below and as above TheRead More

Mother Means Matter

Loaned your body my tissue Know I am forever with you Every time you touch you, you not only touch me You touch your grandmother, your great-grandmother, & all the way back to the first lady See life recycles, all material is maternal I gave you matter, in Latin “mater” means mother Pushed you through my pearly gates Modeled you love & never to hate Fed you from my nips to navel Never forget I am the image of your creator Your father sparked the pattern That’s why in LatinRead More

Depiction of Heaven

There is an innate intelligence That makes me a creator I am the closest depiction of what they call heaven To have life within life Is so unbelievable The strength to carry & deliver I feel most invincible No man can do What I’ve done All men are sons To the feminine Came from my womb Not your rib First god is your mother No way around it My belly is the bible and all of nature I can give you the answers to all of your questions There isRead More

I Am

Some go to church I go to nature No paper books needed for what’s programmed innately Rather listen to the birds than some shouting man Rather sit my soul on soil than be boxed in your brick buildings Need no interpretations can discern for myself I am the one I’ve been waiting for Isn’t that what the book says itself ~Wonder Wombman “I AM”  

Nature Is The Word Of God

How could you ignore the bees & trees For a book & a building God made you You are the holy scripture Look at your mother Look at your father Look at your son Look at your daughter Nature is the book, the art, and word of the creator Man created moral laws To mentally enslave you Teach you their rights Implement what they say is wrong Excluded your mother out the trinity Burned all her temples, stoned her off her throne Taught the kids naughty and nice Taught theRead More

Force Of Nature

May her sun cook the soil and create more souls May her moon pull the waters of what the sun has boiled A boiling yoke struck from his lightening rod The pyro-in-her-mid baked the yoke perfectly solid You never forgot who and what god is The great mother is the root word of goddess Her soul turned coal into a diamond Took his sea men and cultivated your divine mind Original pheno Ancient haloic angel May her essence answer your questions May her seasons stay in tune as a forceRead More

Wonder Wombman