Your God Versus My God

Your God is all-seeing and all-knowing and never stops evil My God ran to my cries every time I needed her Your God let your ancestors get raped and beaten My God came back and led her people to freedom Your God answers no prayers unless you believe in him My God will forgive a man that just caused harm to them You’ve been waiting on your God for over 2000 years I can call my God right now and speak to them “Your God Versus My God”

Humbly I Bow

Humbly I bow before the I wed Eternally I vow to love, honor & protect Kneeled before my future, in awe of our creations So proud to be the spark of so many gods in the making   From your likeness, I sprang You bear the image from which I came I bow to the divinity within you You are blessed with a gift that no man can do   Most admired to be the admiral of your vessel I’ll always have absolute reverence to your heavenly temple And I’llRead More

Supreme Being

She nurtured and shaped you With her nips and her navel You can grow taller and stronger But forever her baby Her role and her purpose is Always above and beyond Must bow and show honor to An image of God Never forget what and who you came through You cannot be greater than Your mother’s nature Her role and her purpose is Above and beyond The one who gives birth is first Bow to an image of God “Supreme Being”

Mother’s Nature

There is nothing greater than her innate power All have drank the nectar of her flower Bit the apple from her tree of knowledge Graduated magna cum laude from her internal college Blossomed in her garden of eden Earth’s forbidden, yet quintessential secret First and last wonder of the world The reason heavens gate is compared to a pearl Can’t deny the soil that shaped you It took femi-nine divine months to create you But then you grew to pray to the opposite An all-knowing white man living beyond the sky that neverRead More


Always there for her creation You hold our existence together Deliver no matter the weather Unconditional lover No existence without thy mother You nurtured before, during & ever So to you I must bow with grand reverence The vertebrae of all life Great mother there all thru the night You cared and carried me Got your back eternally “Determination”

I Met God, She’s Bronze

I Met God, She’s Bronze Hair like wool Queenly kinky & happily nappy I met God She’s bronze & str8 immaculate She performed great miracles like parting her red sea & breaking her warm waters to deliver lil-ole’-me Black holes spin spiral inspiring verbs & nouns No survival Without arrival Must bow to which you were umbilically bond With royal-rays-of-radiance & pyro-in-her-middle She’s everything eternally everlastingly infinite Always has been & always will be I met God she’s bronze & black as she can be “I Met God, She’s Bronze”Read More

Mothers Nature

“Mothers Nature” I scream thunder I breathe tornadoes I dance hurricanes With a lightening touch I cause orgasmic earthquakes and electromagnetically attract pollen to my bearthplace This black hole Is the Milky Way I sweat rain Cry mist Piss storms Bleed seas I’m up with the sun Sleep with the moon Shining with the stars Flowing with the ocean My skin matches the soil Soul burns with Sol Heals with Helios Absorbs rays from Ra I am the universe and it is me As above So below So within IsRead More

Hail Mary

We seek your guidance full of grace / Hail to Mother Mary we bow and celebrate Your immaculate conception means the feminine came first / And most people erroneously believe the immaculate conception was about Jesus’ birth From Mary to Isis, and from Isis to Auset / Different languages, similar stories, same concept From the Madonna and Child, to the cruxification / Why is the focus now on the death and not the chrysalis evolution Oh Mother Mary, the powers want us to fear and not love / They told usRead More

Mother Means Matter

Loaned your body my tissue Know I am forever with you Every time you touch you, you not only touch me You touch your grandmother, your great-grandmother, & all the way back to the first lady See life recycles, all material is maternal I gave you matter, in Latin “mater” means mother Pushed you through my pearly gates Modeled you love & never to hate Fed you from my nips to navel Never forget I am the image of your creator Your father sparked the pattern That’s why in LatinRead More

The Beauty of a Pregnant Woman

The ability to ignite polarities The sacrifice of dis – ease The will to carry The responsibility of delivering The circle of emotions The amazement of life The wonder of what’s to come The care to nurture The power of nature The need of support for all she has given The soil of the earth The aqua of our atmosphere The pyro in the mid A gift of God The perfect book to read to know how the universe works The Beauty of a Pregnant Woman Get Free ~Wonder WombmanRead More

Why I Created Wonder Wombman

Wonder Wombman is a dedication to the feminine for her ability to bring forth new life. This page is not only dedicated to my mother, but to all mothers and all mothered. We all come from a mother, so it’s dedicated to everyone. This page is dedicated to gender bias and honoring thy mother/feminine. Balancing The Concept of God: The Purpose of Wonder Wombman I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee where a church is on every other corner and people flock there every Sunday to hear a shoutingRead More

How You Are A Reflection of The First Mother

During the creation process we borrow tissue from our mothers body. That means that your matter or material is all maternal. This is why in Latin mother means “mater” and father means “pater“, he sparked the pattern. So every time you touch your skin, you are not only touching your mother and touching your grandmother, but you are also touching the first mother. This is one reason why literally we are our ancestors! Life recycles… ~Wonder Wombman  

Wonder Wombman