Mother Means Matter

Loaned your body my tissue Know I am forever with you Every time you touch you, you not only touch me You touch your grandmother, your great-grandmother, & all the way back to the first lady See life recycles, all material is maternal I gave you matter, in Latin “mater” means mother Pushed you through my pearly gates Modeled you love & never to hate Fed you from my nips to navel Never forget I am the image of your creator Your father sparked the pattern That’s why in LatinRead More

Depiction of Heaven

There is an innate intelligence That makes me a creator I am the closest depiction of what they call heaven To have life within life Is so unbelievable The strength to carry & deliver I feel most invincible No man can do What I’ve done All men are sons To the feminine Came from my womb Not your rib First god is your mother No way around it My belly is the bible and all of nature I can give you the answers to all of your questions There isRead More

How You Are A Reflection of The First Mother

During the creation process we borrow tissue from our mothers body. That means that your matter or material is all maternal. This is why in Latin mother means “mater” and father means “pater“, he sparked the pattern. So every time you touch your skin, you are not only touching your mother and touching your grandmother, but you are also touching the first mother. This is one reason why literally we are our ancestors! Life recycles… ~Wonder Wombman  

Wonder Wombman