Taking The World Out On Me

Sexual abuse is the least spoken of and reported issue within the “black” community. It’s so easy to reminisce about the good ole days and how things use to be, but so hard to talk about the ugly. So many people try to sweep the bad under the rug. But know that the bad is still there infecting your roots and growing icky blossoms. I wasn’t sexually abused, I was physically abused! My sister used to beat my ass so hard and so long, that I would have whelps allRead More

Edible Arrangements

Home late from wining and dining at our favorite restaurant He wanted to watch the game, but I have some other things in mind I may join you later babe, go ahead and watch the game I went upstairs to change, no clothes, just edibles arranged I lit 2 candles and turned on some Isley’s I was hoping he would hear it and come spy on me I hopped in the shower for a quick rinse Luffa’ed my kitty because dinner ain’t finished yet All of a sudden, he openedRead More

Si-star Constellations

We use to play patty cake at recess Let the boys chase… but never catch us Sleepovers but never slept Makeovers playing with mom’s makeup She had a boyfriend before I did So I got one just to fit in Got love in my heart forever You are my sistar from another mister Saw each other undressed and yes she wore my clothes We have a magnetic attraction but nothing sexual We’re free, mind open and void of shame Racing to the phone every time it rang Still our innerRead More

My Sudden Treasure

My soul sought to add my other half Love crossed my peregrine paths At first sight our hearts smiled and just laughed Insight beyond your physique, I turned on my x-ray vision Without searching or giving great effort We stumbled upon our natural treasure We knew what we found from the spark Like finding what you need in the dark The look on your face was so priceless It said: Where have you been all of my life king Weight of the world has been lifted God’s gift to usRead More

One Red Rose

I entered home from the gym Smelled the scent of supper simmering The house was sun and candlelit He whispered: Babe your bath water is running He washed my back and breast My feet and mind caressed Dried and oiled me down Slipped on my sexiest gown Catered to me in bed Salmon, wine and asparagus Suddenly he left out on me Rock pebbles gently struck the windows of my balcony Opened the doors, stepped out and he Serenaded: My Cherie Amour And tears of joy Rained down on my balconyRead More

C.P.R. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

C.P.R. Our cups runneth over Hearts overflow Our internal beauty blossomed Endorphins rush and explode Our external actions Are shaped from within We were lovers second First we were friends My other half My face against yours Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation We breathe life into our souls Defibrillator doses Exercising our cardio Push that holy spirit Pump that inner joy Our cups runneth over Two flames about to boil You give me life baby C.P.R. “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation” Wonderwombman.com        


Said you loved me Then you vanished What took years to build Crumbled in seconds We believed we were Perfect for each other Now that it’s over Just wanna hug my son & tell my mother I love her Hurt people, hurt people Trust just a few Another lessoned learned I blame myself, I don’t blame you I was too quick to open and give My home and heart away You came, you saw, you conquered This feels like burglary But I left the door wide open Gave you theRead More

I Pray Within

I found the truth Didn’t look too far to see I found my truth Inside of me I use to bend my knees humbly I waited as long as I could I spoke those names so ignorantly Now I act on what needs to be done They dipped me in water To wash placed guilt away I served him daily I would pray and I would just wait Yet my people still enslaved Behind enemy lines Locked down and lynched up Even thrown away by my own kind So IRead More

Wonder Wombman