R.B.G. (Red Black Green)

A child of the sun A flower from the soil Sweet nectar of love R.ed is for the blood From darkness to light Carbon + melanin Indigenous life B.lack is for the soil & skin Chlorophyll and photosynthesis After winter must come spring Life recycles in four Vegetation is a symbol for the G.reen Afar is for your fire Ka is for your breath A microcosm of the motherland Priceless life and wealth “R.B.G. (Red Black Green)”

My Sudden Treasure

My soul sought to add my other half Love crossed my peregrine paths At first sight, our hearts smiled and just laughed Insight beyond your physique, I turned on my x-ray vision Without searching or giving great effort We stumbled upon our natural treasure We knew what we found from the spark Like finding what you need in the dark The look on your face was so priceless It said: Where have you been all of my life king Weight of the world has been lifted God’s gift to usRead More

No Life Without Love

He sparked the pattern She makes the matter He stayed thereafter But he didn’t have to   See, whoever designed us Gave her the most responsibility Nine months vs. Nine minutes That’s Gods recipe   Yes she has the superior abilities You bow to her belly and breast everytime you feed Her role in creation is what caused you to be Her umbilical was most biblical until you learned to read   It’s time to include her into your concept of God She truly deserves the greatest depiction thereof IfRead More

Humbly I Bow

Humbly I bow before the I wed Eternally I vow to love, honor & protect Kneeled before my future, in awe of our creations So proud to be the spark of so many gods in the making   From your likeness, I sprang You bear the image from which I came I bow to the divinity within you You are blessed with a gift that no man can do   Most admired to be the admiral of your vessel I’ll always have absolute reverence to your heavenly temple And I’llRead More

We Need Each Other

Our sons & our daughters Will mirror our mothers & fathers We stand on our great grand shoulders Eternally through your portal I bow to you my brother Indeed we chose each other I vow to you sister Know forever I’m with you We have eons of heritage Our love eternally past and present tense Our connection is most heaven sent We treat each other with the highest reverence No us without trust No life without love No one without two I’m lost without you “We Need Each Other” WonderWombman.comRead More

The Ratio Of Life – The Science of the Black Madonna

The black madonna and child The feminine and masculine ratio of life The black madonna and child The first symbol of Christ Why does mother hold a son and never a daughter? Why didn’t Isis conceive a girl instead of Horus? Why is the symbol of the crucifixion, now more popular than Mary and baby Jesus? Why does every religion seem to have one? Like Krishna and Yashoda Could it be a scale of gender roles pertaining to creation? Could it be a reminder to males that you’re still someone’sRead More

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