Taking The World Out On Me

Sexual abuse is the least spoken of and reported issue within the “black” community. It’s so easy to reminisce about the good ole days and how things use to be, but so hard to talk about the ugly. So many people try to sweep the bad under the rug. But know that the bad is still there infecting your roots and growing icky blossoms. I wasn’t sexually abused, I was physically abused! My sister used to beat my ass so hard and so long, that I would have whelps allRead More

The Ratio Of Life – The Science of the Black Madonna

The black madonna and child The feminine and masculine ratio of life The black madonna and child The first symbol of Christ Why does mother hold a son and never a daughter? Why didn’t Isis conceive a girl instead of Horus? Why is the symbol of the crucifixion, now more popular than Mary and baby Jesus? Why does every religion seem to have one? Like Krishna and Yashoda Could it be a scale of gender roles pertaining to creation? Could it be a reminder to males that you’re still someone’sRead More

Ma’at Metu Neter

First wonder of the world Last secret here on earth Sacred treasure for minds to search Only the sun can uncover your priceless worth Uncoded and impossible to crack Her way of life is innate, ma’at Indecipherable metu neter Men dedicate their lives just to impress you You inspired ancient megaliths All temples had you in mind when built Your son desires your attention as he plays Mama look, mama look and give him expressions of amaze You keep us thinking oh great mother My sister, my daughter, my wifeRead More

Let’s Reincarnate

My sister from another mister My brother from another mother I choose you because we reflect each other I want my son to mirror me I want our girl to look like us Together we exhibit The power of love Unique to this universe We grew from the soil We’re mentally connected to all powers above Let’s do it again Reincarnate our souls Connect polar opposites Turn our solar halves into a whole “Let’s Reincarnate”

C.P.R. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

C.P.R. Our cups runneth over Hearts overflow Our internal beauty blossomed Endorphins rush and explode Our external actions Are shaped from within We were lovers second First we were friends My other half My face against yours Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation We breathe life into our souls Defibrillator doses Exercising our cardio Push that holy spirit Pump that inner joy Our cups runneth over Two flames about to boil You give me life baby C.P.R. “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation”        

Black Privilege

Born in a system where they say I’m not privileged Yet the sun loves my skin, I am divine, genetics infinite Born in a state where brown is put down Yet my skin matches all soil on mother earth’s ground Born in a system where blacks had to sit in the back Yet I was the first to walk this earth and keep our existence intact Born in a nation where lynching was legal Yet Webster defined “Black” as bad, wicked and evil? Born is a doctrine where women areRead More

Depiction of Heaven

There is an innate intelligence That makes me a creator I am the closest depiction of what they call heaven To have life within life Is so unbelievable The strength to carry & deliver I feel most invincible No man can do What I’ve done All men are sons To the feminine Came from my womb Not your rib First god is your mother No way around it My belly is the bible and all of nature I can give you the answers to all of your questions There isRead More

I Pray Within

I found the truth Didn’t look too far to see I found my truth Inside of me I use to bend my knees humbly I waited as long as I could I spoke those names so ignorantly Now I act on what needs to be done They dipped me in water To wash placed guilt away I served him daily I would pray and I would just wait Yet my people still enslaved Behind enemy lines Locked down and lynched up Even thrown away by my own kind So IRead More

Why I Created Wonder Wombman

Wonder Wombman is a dedication to the feminine for her ability to bring forth new life. This page is not only dedicated to my mother, but to all mothers and all mothered. We all come from a mother, so it’s dedicated to everyone. This page is dedicated to gender bias and honoring thy mother/feminine. Balancing The Concept of God: The Purpose of Wonder Wombman I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee where a church is on every other corner and people flock there every Sunday to hear a shoutingRead More

Wonder Wombman