Rest On Your Throne

You can image the unseen and unknown
From the symmetric principles of what’s shown

If the feminine body creates and shapes life in this galaxy
Then axiomatically it’s a mama sitting on her throne that birthed all of reality

Created within the body of she
Mama molded you with daddies clay into hot pottery

Her belly ballooned and out came you
A divine extension of what you came through

Years later you learn that god is a he, him and his
And that Eve bite the apple and cause world sin

That the menstrual cycle is a curse and women are not to speak
Your place is to be barefoot and pregnant making sure poppa gets something greasy to eat

But that milky black hole was your way
You always knew your nutritional place to stay

Poppa protected once you broke her shell
But she was your first line of defense, femi-nine months of protecting her wealth

She inhales and exhales existence
The deification of her is what’s missing

Never allow another to demean and denigrate
The likeness of what got you here in the first place

Lift her up and hold her down forever
Stand side by side perpendicular on your circular square

Ma son you came from her earth
This is why You should bow and honor her first

We live inside the belly of the best
Sit on your square my queen… rest

~Wonder Wombman

“Rest On Your Throne”

Photo of: Rita Rosyllon

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Wonder Wombman