One Red Rose

I entered home from the gym
Smelled the scent of supper simmering
The house was sun and candlelit
He whispered: Babe your bath water is running

He washed my back and breast
My feet and mind caressed
Dried and oiled me down
Slipped on my sexiest gown

Catered to me in bed
Salmon, wine and asparagus
Suddenly he left out on me
Rock pebbles gently struck the windows of my balcony

Opened the doors, stepped out and he
Serenaded: My Cherie Amour
And tears of joy
Rained down on my balcony floor

He tossed up one red rose
Around it was a one red blindfold
He screamed: Go in and put it on
I’m coming to take it off

Heard him running up the stairs
He entered and kisses my lips
Took off my blindfold and clothes
He said: Remember.. this is the day that I proposed

“One Red Rose”

One Red Rose

One Red Rose


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