No Life Without Love

He sparked the pattern
She makes the matter
He stayed thereafter
But he didn’t have to
See, whoever designed us
Gave her the most responsibility
Nine months vs. Nine minutes
That’s Gods recipe
Yes she has the superior abilities
You bow to her belly and breast everytime you feed
Her role in creation is what caused you to be
Her umbilical was most biblical until you learned to read
It’s time to include her into your concept of God
She truly deserves the greatest depiction thereof
If she ran to your cries and provided all of your earthly needs
Maybe she will answer your prayers if you begin to call on she
Maybe we can manifest success if we call on them
Our ancestors, ourselves, we must look within
Study nature and pay close attention to children
They will remind you of what we call freedom
We can see the unseen
If we can get past the distractions
We can live life’s purpose
If we can just stick together
There will be no life without black love
Brother your role in creation goes beyond bussin’ a nut
Your role in creation is to stand strong on the frontline
Chauffeur the limousine and protect the VIP inside
“No Life Without Love”

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