Nature Is The Word Of God


Nature Is The Word Of God

How could you ignore the bees & trees
For a book & a building
God made you
You are the holy scripture

Look at your mother
Look at your father
Look at your son
Look at your daughter

Nature is the book,
the art, and word of the creator
Man created moral laws
To mentally enslave you

Teach you their rights
Implement what they say is wrong
Excluded your mother out the trinity
Burned all her temples, stoned her off her throne

Taught the kids naughty and nice
Taught the grown heaven and hell
Wait for your gifts young ones
and you only see God in death

See I see God every day
Every second, minute and hour
I see god in the grass
The moon, the stars and flowers
I see god in myself
I’ll repeat this until I pass
Don’t allow man to distract you
From what we know the creator truly made

~Wonder Wombman
©Alexis Brandon Isbell

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Wonder Wombman