Mother’s Nature

There is nothing greater than her innate power
All have drank the nectar of her flower
Bit the apple from her tree of knowledge
Graduated magna cum laude from her internal college

Blossomed in her garden of eden
Earth’s forbidden, yet quintessential secret
First and last wonder of the world
The reason heavens gate is compared to a pearl

Can’t deny the soil that shaped you
It took femi-nine divine months to create you
But then you grew to pray to the opposite
An all-knowing white man living beyond the sky that never stops shit

Got you looking in the wrong direction
Programmed you not to imagine god in your own reflection
They said pray above and not below
Got you out of your mind and not into your soul

It’s only one species that claims to need a holy book
But who taught you how to breathe, walk, talk, think, feel and look
A scripture is encoded before you labored
Your power comes from mothers nature

“Mothers Nature”

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