Mother Means Matter

Loaned your body my tissue
Know I am forever with you

Every time you touch you,
you not only touch me
You touch your grandmother,
your great-grandmother,
& all the way back to the first lady

See life recycles,
all material is maternal
I gave you matter,
in Latin “mater” means mother

Pushed you through my pearly gates
Modeled you love & never to hate
Fed you from my nips to navel
Never forget I am the image of your creator

Your father sparked the pattern
That’s why in Latin father means “pater”
He sent his pyro & air to my earth & aqua
I then took over & created all sons & daughters

Oh where did the first son & father come from
Is it possible there once was an immaculate conception

No males body can create your heart
I am the image of the first mother,
Thats why the black wombman is god

Yet all wombs are black,
life springs from darkness to light
All mothers are gods to their children
Honor for bringing forth new life

This page is dedicated to our mothers
Yes she is superior to you
You can never be greater than
Who & what you came through

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