Lived femi-nine months in her matrix
Her belly is haven, a human lifesaver
She gave me my 31 flavors
Hatched in her basket, robbin nectar from her navel

Oh god has sent me an angel
Geometrically perfect, I worship every right angle
My life sparked from a tantric tango
Pops sent the positive charge & moms baked the potato

No love can match all that she’s given
The dictionary listed her picture next to unconditional
Gods chosen one is no doubt thy mother
She was bestowed the privilege to bring life further

Eternal life from her nurture and care
Saved and made my life, she is all that I am
Namaste bow to my true creator
I induct her nature as the original hall of famer


Feature Photo: @Madeline Karita Fleming

Photo of: @Madeline Karita Fleming

Photo of: @Madeline Karita Fleming

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