Hail Mary

We seek your guidance full of grace / Hail to Mother Mary we bow and celebrate

Your immaculate conception means the feminine came first / And most people erroneously believe the immaculate conception was about Jesus’ birth

From Mary to Isis, and from Isis to Auset / Different languages, similar stories, same concept

From the Madonna and Child, to the cruxification / Why is the focus now on the death and not the chrysalis evolution

Oh Mother Mary, the powers want us to fear and not love / They told us all we had to do is believe and not question

For your sun said, “Is it not in your law that ye are gods” / If we don’t follow their ways we are either stoned or hung on a cross

The burned our aunties, lynched our fathers, and accused them of evil sorcery / And mother they created a doctrine to take us away from our natural encoding

Oh great mother what must we do / Give us the guidance we ask of you

Shall we play it safe and go with the grain / Should we act the script and be their slaves

Oh Mother Mary we have prayed and prayed / We have waited for your sun to show it’s face

Mary replied “Your answers are within” / Seek your inner child and stand for freedom


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