Edible Arrangements

Home late from wining and dining at our favorite restaurant
He wanted to watch the game, but I have some other things in mind
I may join you later babe, go ahead and watch the game
I went upstairs to change, no clothes, just edibles arranged

I lit 2 candles and turned on some Isley’s
I was hoping he would hear it and come spy on me
I hopped in the shower for a quick rinse
Luffa’ed my kitty because dinner ain’t finished yet

All of a sudden, he opened the shower door
I knew he would come, but didn’t except him so soon
He stripped, stepped in and kissed me on my neck
My back was to him and I could feel that he was already erect

Both of us still slick tipsy, he turned me around and softly kissed me
I could feel my waterfall storm and overflow
And no I’m not talking about the water from the shower hose
He dried us off and we oiled each other down
I said: But what about the game? He said: We’re playing right now

Why would I want to watch a bunch of sweaty men put a ball in a hole
When I could be connecting to the source and recharging my soul
I said: Hold up! Close your eyes! I’m about to go get my bath and body works
He said: Do what?.. Just close your eyes and get ready for your late night dessert

Over the candles was a small bowl of melting milk chocolate
On the side were whole strawberries and cashew shavings to put on top of it

Brought the bowls to the bed in a rush
Because the bottom was warm and I didn’t want his eyes to open
He said: Can I open my eyes yet?
I said: Open sesame and come paint this blank canvas

“Edible Arrangements”

Written By: Wonderwombman.com


Edible Arrangements


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