Saturday, July 9th, 2016


We Need Each Other

Our sons & our daughters Will mirror our mothers & fathers We stand on our great grand shoulders Eternally through your portal I bow to you my brother Indeed we chose each other I vow to you sister Know forever I’m with you We have eons of heritage Our love eternally past and present tense Our connection is most heaven sent We treat each other with the highest reverence No us without trust No life without love No one without two I’m lost without you “We Need Each Other” WonderWombman.comRead More

Who You Calling A Bitch

Far from a bad bitch I’m a dog but spelled backwards Not your typical or average Woman you’ll see in passing I shine light on the dark Took his spark & created all Existence from my loving How could you disrespect the likeness of your mother Never call me out my name Unless it’s the most reverend word in this Anglo lang I bare my soul for your mental delight Shared my inner-visions & provide potent insight Yeah I’m bad meaning good and good meaning god Can’t dethrone that fromRead More

Wonder Wombman