Saturday, August 8th, 2015


Passing the Torch

Passed down to you Is the heart of a lion Knowledge & skills to thrive Touch of a shaman Your genetics are ancient A spiraling double helix Shaped by my nature Fed from my navel & nipple You were born whole not born in sin Born in corruption a world dominated by men You will balance this earth Turn chaos into peace Show love has it’s worth No life without it A gift of god My mirror of me The purpose of living Continuing our tree “Passing the Torch”Read More

Ma’at Metu Neter

First wonder of the world Last secret here on earth Sacred treasure for minds to search Only the sun can uncover your priceless worth Uncoded and impossible to crack Her way of life is innate, ma’at Indecipherable metu neter Men dedicate their lives just to impress you You inspired ancient megaliths All temples had you in mind when built Your son desires your attention as he plays Mama look, mama look and give him expressions of amaze You keep us thinking oh great mother My sister, my daughter, my wifeRead More

Wonder Wombman