Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


Let’s Reincarnate

My sister from another mister My brother from another mother I choose you because we reflect each other I want my son to mirror me I want our girl to look like us Together we exhibit The power of love Unique to this universe We grew from the soil We’re mentally connected to all powers above Let’s do it again Reincarnate our souls Connect polar opposites Turn our solar halves into a whole “Let’s Reincarnate”

I Am Woman

I am kali, I am gaia  I am nut, isis and mami-wata I am The One I’ve been waiting for I am the venus of willendorf I am every woman Originator of life and love A reflection of the first mother Soil below and soul above I am every periodic element Known and unknown to man I breast fed this entire planet Made it everything it is I am every woman Life goes back to one My darkness created the light I was deified before my sun I am every wombman The matrix is within me I am every woman Infinite, eternally Wonderwombman.comRead More

Wonder Wombman