Tuesday, July 21st, 2015


The Black Fives – First Women’s Basketball Teams

The Black Fives First Women’s Basketball Teams   The term Black Fives refers to all-black basketball teams that thrived in the United States around 1904. Early basketball teams were often called “fives” in reference to the five starting players. Some of the first all-male teams were known as colored quints, colored fives, Negro fives, or black fives. Dozens of all-black teams emerged during the Black Fives Era, in New York City, Washington, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and other cities. They were sponsored by or affiliated with churches, athletic clubs, socialRead More

Teach Me Power

Teach me how to; 1) Infiltrate the system 2) Make change within 3) Stay under the radar 4) Come back with everything Don’t just drop my mind off at school and allow them to teach me anything Prepare me for the lies That I will surely face The spook who sat behind the door Sankofa I silently scream Teach me how to have power In what I’ve been born in ~Wonderwombman.com “Teach Me Power” Fight the system by teaching our children how to have power. If you haven’t watched theRead More

Who Taught You How To Breathe?

Who Taught You How To Breathe?  Who taught you how to breathe? How to suckle mama’s titty? How to crawl and walk? Who taught you how to talk? Who taught you how to see? How to survive and thrive in mama’s belly? Who taught you how to think? The questions above proves intelligence is innate. Who taught you these words? How to swim the canal at birth? Who taught you how to be? Most of these questions should have been answered “me” Wonderwombman.com “Who Taught You How To Breathe?” Human beingsRead More

Wonder Wombman