Monday, July 20th, 2015


Mathematical Symmetry

Mathematical Symmetry The answer to every equation Shaped from mamas navel Perfect from every angle Proof that there are angels A reflection of you and me The inspiration of geometry Continual family tree Rotational symmetry Studied your retina And made the camera Studied your wings And created the plane Bow to yourself Your health is your wealth Genetics so magical Your body mathematical

The Bare Essential

“The Bare Essential” I bared my soul They banned my skin I beared your child I am the bare essential   I shared my truth I am the art of God My bare brown body is the book of love   2 Corinthians Chapter 4 verse 6 …from darkness to light you swam my canal and faced the christ   Exodus Chapter 3 verse 14 It says I am that I am So God ain’t the name   I birthed you all and shared my inner essence I am theRead More


Always there for her creation You hold our existence together Deliver no matter the weather Unconditional lover No existence without thy mother You nurtured before, during & ever So to you I must bow with grand reverence The vertebrae of all life Great mother there all thru the night You cared and carried me Got your back eternally “Determination”

Wonder Wombman