Wednesday, July 15th, 2015


Hail Mary

We seek your guidance full of grace / Hail to Mother Mary we bow and celebrate Your immaculate conception means the feminine came first / And most people erroneously believe the immaculate conception was about Jesus’ birth From Mary to Isis, and from Isis to Auset / Different languages, similar stories, same concept From the Madonna and Child, to the cruxification / Why is the focus now on the death and not the chrysalis evolution Oh Mother Mary, the powers want us to fear and not love / They told usRead More

Mother Means Matter

Loaned your body my tissue Know I am forever with you Every time you touch you, you not only touch me You touch your grandmother, your great-grandmother, & all the way back to the first lady See life recycles, all material is maternal I gave you matter, in Latin “mater” means mother Pushed you through my pearly gates Modeled you love & never to hate Fed you from my nips to navel Never forget I am the image of your creator Your father sparked the pattern That’s why in LatinRead More

Wonder Wombman