Thursday, July 9th, 2015


The Beauty of a Pregnant Woman

The ability to ignite polarities The sacrifice of dis – ease The will to carry The responsibility of delivering The circle of emotions The amazement of life The wonder of what’s to come The care to nurture The power of nature The need of support for all she has given The soil of the earth The aqua of our atmosphere The pyro in the mid A gift of God The perfect book to read to know how the universe works The Beauty of a Pregnant Woman Get Free ~Wonder WombmanRead More

The Tools Malcolm Used

The Tools Malcolm Used  “I always ask the question, “Did you read the book?” (Autobiography of Malcolm X) and everybody raises their hands. They all read Malcolm! So then I asked the question, ‘How many of you bothered to read the books, that the book said Malcolm read?’ Now all of a sudden nobody is raising their hands. But wait a minute… I thought you said you read the book? If you read the book and it mentioned some books that Malcolm read. Why didn’t you go read them? Since y’allRead More

Rest On Your Throne

You can image the unseen and unknown From the symmetric principles of what’s shown If the feminine body creates and shapes life in this galaxy Then axiomatically it’s a mama sitting on her throne that birthed all of reality Created within the body of she Mama molded you with daddies clay into hot pottery Her belly ballooned and out came you A divine extension of what you came through Years later you learn that god is a he, him and his And that Eve bite the apple and cause worldRead More

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

The Economical Education of The Worker “What do you want to be when you grow up?” A definition from Wikipedia reads, “Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.” An etymological search lead back to the meaning stating a “science of wealth.” The owner estimates the supply and demand of their product. The goal of course being to produce and profit. Every business doesn’t need to hire manual labor, some owners do their own labor. But if you designed a product that hasRead More

Nature Is The Word Of God

How could you ignore the bees & trees For a book & a building God made you You are the holy scripture Look at your mother Look at your father Look at your son Look at your daughter Nature is the book, the art, and word of the creator Man created moral laws To mentally enslave you Teach you their rights Implement what they say is wrong Excluded your mother out the trinity Burned all her temples, stoned her off her throne Taught the kids naughty and nice Taught theRead More

I Pray Within

I found the truth Didn’t look too far to see I found my truth Inside of me I use to bend my knees humbly I waited as long as I could I spoke those names so ignorantly Now I act on what needs to be done They dipped me in water To wash placed guilt away I served him daily I would pray and I would just wait Yet my people still enslaved Behind enemy lines Locked down and lynched up Even thrown away by my own kind So IRead More

Darkness Dwarfs The Light

She captured fathers sparks Took his sea men and molded many hearts Shaped new existence in her boiling waters Rained lightning sons and thunderous daughters Nurture their nature from her nips to her naval Raising souls from her soil, she’s a falling constellation She captured the sun and baked the world in her oven Yet her darkness goes beyond, the sun & mother earth ~Wonder Wombman “Darkness Dwarfs The Light”

Wonder Wombman