Humbly I Bow

Humbly I bow before the I wed
Eternally I vow to love, honor & protect
Kneeled before my future, in awe of our creations
So proud to be the spark of so many gods in the making
From your likeness, I sprang
You bear the image from which I came
I bow to the divinity within you
You are blessed with a gift that no man can do
Most admired to be the admiral of your vessel
I’ll always have absolute reverence to your heavenly temple
And I’ll always here for you, whether I’m far or near
I promise to model to our daughter how a man should treat her
Hear these words but I rather you judge my actions
What we have is much deeper than physical attraction
Wear this ring as a symbol of our unity
Humbly I bow, reciprocity is our recipe
“Humbly I Bow”

Wonder Wombman​.com

We Need Each Other

Our sons & our daughters
Will mirror our mothers & fathers
We stand on our great grand shoulders
Eternally through your portal

I bow to you my brother
Indeed we chose each other
I vow to you sister
Know forever I’m with you

We have eons of heritage
Our love eternally past and present tense
Our connection is most heaven sent
We treat each other with the highest reverence

No us without trust
No life without love
No one without two
I’m lost without you

“We Need Each Other”


Model of: @Nyankonton Photo by: L2M memories
Model of: @Nyankonton
Photo by: L2M memories


Who You Calling A Bitch

Far from a bad bitch
I’m a dog but spelled backwards
Not your typical or average
Woman you’ll see in passing

I shine light on the dark
Took his spark & created all
Existence from my loving
How could you disrespect the likeness of your mother

Never call me out my name
Unless it’s the most reverend word in this Anglo lang
I bare my soul for your mental delight
Shared my inner-visions & provide potent insight

Yeah I’m bad meaning good
and good meaning god
Can’t dethrone that from which you come from
I am the key element of life

“Who You Calling A Bitch”

Who You Calling A Bitch

The Story of Joyce Bryant

Joyce Bryant was considered “The Black Marilyn Monroe” and called “The Bronze Blond Bombshell.” She is singer and actress who achieved fame in the late 1940s and early 1950s as a theater and nightclub performer. She was called one of the most beautiful black women in the world and regularly appeared in magazines like Jet. A Life magazine layout in 1953 depicted the sexy singer in provocative poses. (born Oct 14, 1928 – alive and well)

Joyce Byrant Jet Magazine
Joyce Byrant Jet Magazine

Her act was outrageously sexy; she wore provocative, tight, backless, cleavage-revealing mermaid dresses that left little to imagine and they were so tight, she had to be carried off-stage. Supposedly, Bryant twisted so much she lost four pounds a performance.

Joyce Bryant
Joyce Bryant

Bryant, was the oldest of eight children. She was a quiet child raised in a strict home and had ambitions of becoming a sociology teacher. Born in Oakland, California and raised in San Francisco to a mother who was a devout Seventh Day Adventist. She eloped at age 14 but the marriage ended that same evening.

In 1946, she left home to live with her cousins in Los Angeles, she agreed on a dare to participate in an impromptu singalong at a local club. Bryany said: “A few minutes later the club owner offered me $25 to go up on stage, and I took it because I [needed the money] to get home.” From there, she picked up other gigs and built a strong reputation.

Bryant’s hair was naturally black, but not wanting to be upstaged by Josephine Baker at a club, she doused it with silver radiator paint, slithered into a tight silver dress and voila: the Bronze Blond Bombshell and even Baker was impressed.

Her sexy act and Bryant’s elastic voice elevated the singer to heavyweight status; she earned as much as 3,500 dollars a gig and 150,000 dollars a year in the early ’50s.

Around 1952, she recorded a series of 78s for OKeh Records with the Joe Reisman Orchestra. Two of her most well-known standards, “Love for Sale” and “Drunk with Love”, were banned from radio play for their provocative lyrics.

Bryant, who often faced discrimination and was outspoken on issues of racial inequality, became in 1952 the first black entertainer to perform at a Miami Beach hotel, defying threats by the Ku Klux Klan who had burned her in effigy. She was critical of racial billing practices at night clubs and hotels and advocated for entertainers as a group to fight Jim Crow laws.

In 1954, she became one of the first black singers to perform at the Casino Royal in Washington, D.C., where she said that she had heard so much about the segregation practiced there that she was surprised to see so many African-Americans attend the downtown club. “It was a great thrill,” she said, “to see them enter and be treated so courteously by the management.”

As meteoric as her career took off, it landed even faster. The paint damaged her hair. She was raised to fear God and she started having second thoughts about her image. She disliked working on the Sabbath and hated the clubs and the men (often gangsters) who frequented them, lusting after her body. She was once beaten in her dressing room for refusing an admirer’s advances. Years later, she told Essence magazine that she never enjoyed her career. She found solace in pills: pills for sleeping and pills for energy.

Joyce Bryant
Joyce Bryant

She was once beaten in her dressing room after rejecting a man’s advances. Her disenchantment with the drug and gangster subcultures, combined with pressures from her management, led Bryant to quit the first phase of her career in 1955 when she denounced it for the church. She wanted to quit earlier, but couldn’t because of nefarious managers and prior commitments.

“Religion has always been a part of me,” she said. “and it was a very sinful thing I was doing–being very sexy, with tight, low cut gowns.” She also recalled: “I had a very bad throat and I was doing eight performances a day […] A doctor was brought in to help and he said, ‘I can spray your throat with cocaine and that will fix the problem, but you’ll become addicted.’ Then I overheard my manager say, ‘I don’t care what you do, just make her sing!

Devoting herself to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Bryant enrolled in Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. Ebony published a feature article in its May 1956 issue titled, “The New World of Joyce Bryant: Former Café Singer Gives Up $200,000-a-year Career to Learn to Serve God”.

Traveling for years through the South, Bryant grew angry when she experienced hospitals refuse care for those in critical need because they were black. As a result, she organized fundraisers for blacks to buy food, clothing, and medicine, and she continued to put on concerts–wearing her natural black hair and no makeup–to raise money for her church.

She met frequently with Martin Luther King, Jr.–a fan of her singing–to support his efforts to bring basic material comforts to blacks. Bryant believed the struggle for civil rights to be the struggle for all people who believed in God, but when she confronted her church, asking it to take a stand against discrimination, the church refused with the reasoning, “But these are of earthly matters and thus of no spiritual importance.”

Joyce Bryant Bloom and Glamour
Joyce Bryant Bloom and Glamour

Disappointed, she recanted from the Seventh-day Adventist. Disillusioned, and after many false accusations she returned to entertaining in the ’60s. She worked with touring foreign opera companies, returned to the rocky club scene and sang on cruise ships; this time without the theatrics, blond hair, and tight dresses.

She trained with vocal teacher and that led to her winning a contract with the New York City Opera. She also toured internationally with the Italian, French, and Vienna Opera companies. She returned to performing jazz in the 1980s and began a career as a vocal instructor, with such clients as Jennifer Holliday, Phyllis Hyman, and Raquel Welch.

Today Joyce Bryant is alive and well. A documentary, titled Joyce Bryant: The Lost Diva, is in the works.

The Legendary Joyce Bryant
The Legendary Joyce Bryant


The Black Woman is God

The Black Woman is God
A reflection of the first
She is the chosen star
That big banged on this Earth

She birthed this nation
Breastfed the mouth of millions
Her body made the economy
That’s now set up against her

Yet she still be the miracle
Her unbiblical is most biblical
The first wonder of the world
Immaculate power from her parted legs

Place in the center (Placenta) is where power lives
She creates sapients from his sea-men
A black hole in the Milky Way
The black womb is God and here to stay

“The Black Woman Is God”


of: Rorisang Lu, 20, From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil rorisang-lu.tumblr

Taking The World Out On Me

Sexual abuse is the least spoken of and reported issue within the “black” community.

It’s so easy to reminisce about the good ole days and how things use to be, but so hard to talk about the ugly.

So many people try to sweep the bad under the rug. But know that the bad is still there infecting your roots and growing icky blossoms.

I wasn’t sexually abused,
I was physically abused!

My sister used to beat my ass so hard and so long, that I would have whelps all over my body.

Since both of our dads were no longer living, she had to keep me a lot, and that became a burden to her life.

Other than going out with her friends, she often had to stay home and watch me.

So when my mother went to work, she beat my body on the regular.

She beat me so much, that after awhile, she didn’t have to beat me to make me

We could be in a room full of family members and all she had to do was stare at me.

She would squinch her eyes real tight and I would start crying like was being beat in the moment.

To me that meant, “You’re gonna get a whooping later.”

I would tell my mother about the beatings and my mother would take me to my grandparents or aunties house.

But after awhile that would just fade away, and eventually I would end up being left in my sisters care.

She would beat me again for telling on her. So I stopped telling…

When I got older, I confronted her about how she use to beat me, she said: “Don’t you know John was molesting me??!!”….

That’s all she said.. No apology none whatsoever. Just an excuse, and her traumatic truth.

I’m almost 37 years old and I’m still working on healing traumas that happened to me 30 years ago.

So my question to you is..

Have any of you addressed the traumas inflicted on you throughout your life? Please share if so…

Writing about it can be very therapeutic… I know it is for me.

I find that the more I bare my soul, the better I can control my emotions around what happened to little Brandon.

Childhood trauma or domestic abuse is rarely talked about on social media. Very few people like to talk about the ugly. Most people only show the good and talk about other people’s bad.

Please leave some suggestion on how we can start talking about sexual, physical and verbal abuse within our families, childhood and circles in the comment section. The more you bare your soul, the lighter you’ll become.

This #poem is for the women and men that have been abused by people that say they love them. It’s called…

“Taking The World Out On Me”

How could you rape the elements
that give you life?
Beat your children
and beat your wife?

Out there mining for coal
and pressing for diamonds.
Making them wealthy
wasting your energy and time.

Rushing for gold
being pimped by massa.
Building theirs up
while tearing down our castle.

Killing me softly
taking the world out on me.
Mad but really sad
because you think sadness is weak.

You should only raise your hands
to lift us up.
Only change your tone
when serenading your love.

Nigga you act just like
the one who made you.
Can’t master yourself,
because you were bred of a Slavic nature.

Hit me once
and forever I hate you!
Embarrassed that you
came from the likeness of my navel.

Can’t express yourself in words,
so you result to your hands.
You are one weak, pathetic,
excuse for a black man.

I’m leaving you
right now and forever.
How could you disrespect me,
I deserve better.

What happened to you?
Was it abuse or abandonment?
Will the violence ever stop?
Or is this the way ‘God’ planned it?

“Taking The World Out On Me”

Edible Arrangements

Home late from wining and dining at our favorite restaurant
He wanted to watch the game, but I have some other things in mind
I may join you later babe, go ahead and watch the game
I went upstairs to change, no clothes, just edibles arranged

I lit 2 candles and turned on some Isley’s
I was hoping he would hear it and come spy on me
I hopped in the shower for a quick rinse
Luffa’ed my kitty because dinner ain’t finished yet

All of a sudden, he opened the shower door
I knew he would come, but didn’t except him so soon
He stripped, stepped in and kissed me on my neck
My back was to him and I could feel that he was already erect

Both of us still slick tipsy, he turned me around and softly kissed me
I could feel my waterfall storm and overflow
And no I’m not talking about the water from the shower hose
He dried us off and we oiled each other down
I said: But what about the game? He said: We’re playing right now

Why would I want to watch a bunch of sweaty men put a ball in a hole
When I could be connecting to the source and recharging my soul
I said: Hold up! Close your eyes! I’m about to go get my bath and body works
He said: Do what?.. Just close your eyes and get ready for your late night dessert

Over the candles was a small bowl of melting milk chocolate
On the side were whole strawberries and cashew shavings to put on top of it

Brought the bowls to the bed in a rush
Because the bottom was warm and I didn’t want his eyes to open
He said: Can I open my eyes yet?
I said: Open sesame and come paint this blank canvas

“Edible Arrangements”

Written By:

Edible Arrangements

The Ratio Of Life – The Science of the Black Madonna

The black madonna and child
The feminine and masculine ratio of life
The black madonna and child
The first symbol of Christ

Why does mother hold a son and never a daughter?
Why didn’t Isis conceive a girl instead of Horus?
Why is the symbol of the crucifixion, now more popular than Mary and baby Jesus?
Why does every religion seem to have one? Like Krishna and Yashoda

Could it be a scale of gender roles pertaining to creation?
Could it be a reminder to males that you’re still someone’s baby?
Could it be that men are modern and women are ancient?
Could it be the ratio of life and how males do little compared to the lady?

See all through history you see multiple madonna’s and sons
It wasn’t until recent that you see mass symbols of the crucifixion
Got you focused on death and not living life
Worried about the after, when heaven and hell are states of mind

A symbol of Christ
That has been eradicated
The black madonna and child
A conception so miraculous and immaculate
“The Ratio of Life”


Artist Unknown
Artist Unknown


Innate Behavior

Never be a shame
To bare yourself
God made you perfect
Like no one else

Similar in likeness
Yet individually unique
A carbon copy of the origin
Most intelligent species

Never take for granted
Your gift to reason
If you allow someone to think for you
It defeats the purpose of you living

You were born with a miraculous gene
To question, experiment & explore
Stand upright in your power
Never allow those traits to be destroyed

Never stop asking yourself that question
What is the purpose of life?
That’s been the question since day one
How does one survive and thrive

Find heaven in the present
Peel back all layers of truth
Reveal your darkest essence
Stay true to your internal roots

“Innate behavior”


Queen Charlotte – African Presence in British Royalty

The riddle of Queen Charlotte’s African ancestry was solved as a result of an investigation into the black magi. A great debt of gratitude is owed the History Department of McGill University. They found at least half a dozen quotes by Queen Charlotte’s contemporaries, regarding her Africoid features. Because of its “scientific” source, the most valuable references would probably be the one published in the autobiography of the Queen’s personal physician, Baron Stockmar, where he described her as having “…a true mulatto face.

Perhaps the most literary of these allusions to her African appearance, however, can be found in the poem penned to her on the occasion of her wedding to King George III and the Coronation celebration that immediately followed:

Descended from the warlike Vandal race,
She still preserves that title in her face.
Tho’ shone their triumphs o’er Numidia’s plain,
And and Alusian fields their name retain;
They but subdued the southern world with arms,
She conquers still with her triumphant charms,
O! born for rule, – to whose victorious brow
The greatest monarch of the north must bow.

(It should be noted: that the Royal Household itself, at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, referred to both her Asian and African bloodlines in an apologia it published defending her position as head of the Commonwealth.)

The Africoid characteristics of the Queen’s portraits certainly had political significance since artists of that period were expected to downplay, soften or even obliterate undesirable features in a subjects’s face.

Sir Allan Ramsay was the artist responsible for the majority of the paintings of Queen Charlotte. Ramsay deliberately emphasised “mulatto features” which the queen supposedly inherited via descent from a 13th-century “Moorish” ancestor. It has been suggested that copies of these paintings were sent to the colonies to be used by abolitionists as a de facto support for their cause.

Portrait of Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay (left) (1761-1804) and her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray (right) (1760-1825). The original is in Scone Palace, Perthshire, Scotland.
Portrait of Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay (left) (1761-1804) and her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray (right) (1760-1825). Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay is the niece of Lord Mansfield and the wife of Sir Allen Ramsey.

Ramsey was an anti-slavery intellectual of his day. He also married the niece of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the niece of Lord Mansfield. Mansfield was the English judge whose 1772 decision was the first in a series of rulings that finally ended slavery in the British Empire.

With features as conspicuously Africoid as they were reputed to be by her contemporaries, it is no wonder that the “black” community, both in the U.S. and throughout the British Commonwealth, have rallied around pictures of Queen Charlotte for generations. They have pointed out the physiological traits that so obviously identify the ethnic strain of the Queen.

Enough evidence was accumulated to propose that the models for the black magi were, in all probability, members of the Portuguese de Sousa family.

Six different lines can be traced from English Queen Charlotte back to Margarita de Castro y Sousa, in a gene pool which because of royal inbreeding was already minuscule, thus explaining the Queen’s unmistakable African appearance.

More About Queen Charlotte

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Sophia Charlotte; 1744 – 1818) was the wife of King George III. She was a direct descendent from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, an African or Moorish branch of the Portuguese Royal House.

She was Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from her marriage in 1761 until the union of the two kingdoms in 1801, after which she was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until her death in 1818.

She was also the Electress of Hanover in the Holy Roman Empire until the promotion of her husband to King of Hanover on October 12th, 1814, after which she was also queen consort of Hanover.

Her husband King George III was the king of Great Britain during the defeat of France in the Seven Years’ War, (becoming the dominant European power in North America and India) and the American Revolutionary War fighting the 13 colonies.

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Nature Knows No Color Line By: Joel Augustus Rogers (a link to the ebook in under the sources)
Nature Knows No Color Line By: Joel Augustus Rogers (a link to the ebook is under the sources)
Nature Knows No Color Line By: Joel Augustus Rogers (a link to the ebook in under the sources)
Nature Knows No Color Line By: Joel Augustus Rogers (a link to the ebook is under the sources)


Si-star Constellations

We use to play patty cake at recess
Let the boys chase… but never catch us
Sleepovers but never slept
Makeovers playing with mom’s makeup

She had a boyfriend before I did
So I got one just to fit in
Got love in my heart forever
You are my sistar from another mister

Saw each other undressed and yes she wore my clothes
We have a magnetic attraction but nothing sexual
We’re free, mind open and void of shame
Racing to the phone every time it rang

Still our inner child is runs wild
We still laugh like we live on the highest cloud
Got love in my heart for you forever
My si-star we make a perfect constellation

“Si-star Constellations

Photo Via: @lili_ann
Photo Via: @lili_ann

Supreme Being

She nurtured and shaped you
With her nips and her navel
You can grow taller and stronger
But forever her baby

Her role and her purpose is
Always above and beyond
Must bow and show honor to
An image of God

Never forget what
and who you came through
You cannot be greater than
Your mother’s nature

Her role and her purpose is
Above and beyond
The one who gives birth is first
Bow to an image of God

“Supreme Being”


My Sudden Treasure

My soul sought to add my other half
Love crossed my peregrine paths
At first sight our hearts smiled and just laughed
Insight beyond your physique, I turned on my x-ray vision

Without searching or giving great effort
We stumbled upon our natural treasure
We knew what we found from the spark
Like finding what you need in the dark

The look on your face was so priceless
It said: Where have you been all of my life king
Weight of the world has been lifted
God’s gift to us and it ain’t close to Christmas

My soul spoke and said this is your wife
Cupid aimed and struck the bullseye twice
My soul spoke and said this is her
I dedicate my life to lift us up

“My Sudden Treasure”



Lived femi-nine months in her matrix
Her belly is haven, a human lifesaver
She gave me my 31 flavors
Hatched in her basket, robbin nectar from her navel

Oh god has sent me an angel
Geometrically perfect, I worship every right angle
My life sparked from a tantric tango
Pops sent the positive charge & moms baked the potato

No love can match all that she’s given
The dictionary listed her picture next to unconditional
Gods chosen one is no doubt thy mother
She was bestowed the privilege to bring life further

Eternal life from her nurture and care
Saved and made my life, she is all that I am
Namaste bow to my true creator
I induct her nature as the original hall of famer


Feature Photo: @Madeline Karita Fleming

Photo of: @Madeline Karita Fleming
Photo of: @Madeline Karita Fleming

One Red Rose

I entered home from the gym
Smelled the scent of supper simmering
The house was sun and candlelit
He whispered: Babe your bath water is running

He washed my back and breast
My feet and mind caressed
Dried and oiled me down
Slipped on my sexiest gown

Catered to me in bed
Salmon, wine and asparagus
Suddenly he left out on me
Rock pebbles gently struck the windows of my balcony

Opened the doors, stepped out and he
Serenaded: My Cherie Amour
And tears of joy
Rained down on my balcony floor

He tossed up one red rose
Around it was a one red blindfold
He screamed: Go in and put it on
I’m coming to take it off

Heard him running up the stairs
He entered and kisses my lips
Took off my blindfold and clothes
He said: Remember.. this is the day that I proposed

“One Red Rose”

One Red Rose
One Red Rose


Passing the Torch

Passed down to you
Is the heart of a lion
Knowledge & skills to thrive
Touch of a shaman

Your genetics are ancient
A spiraling double helix
Shaped by my nature
Fed from my navel & nipple

You were born whole
not born in sin
Born in corruption
a world dominated by men

You will balance this earth
Turn chaos into peace
Show love has it’s worth
No life without it

A gift of god
My mirror of me
The purpose of living
Continuing our tree

“Passing the Torch”



Ma’at Metu Neter

First wonder of the world
Last secret here on earth
Sacred treasure for minds to search
Only the sun can uncover your priceless worth

Uncoded and impossible to crack
Her way of life is innate, ma’at
Indecipherable metu neter
Men dedicate their lives just to impress you

You inspired ancient megaliths
All temples had you in mind when built
Your son desires your attention as he plays
Mama look, mama look and give him expressions of amaze

You keep us thinking oh great mother
My sister, my daughter, my wife and lover
God is a neuter, how did it become masculine
Long before god was a him, it was her that brought the balance in

It’s the oval is over the phallus men
The ankh is a symbol of you,
Your talisman

You honored her for her ability to do
In return she bowed & gave honor to you
How could you exclude your earthly creator
The one who shaped, nurtured and made you

“Ma’at Metu Neter”

#Google Ma’at


Let’s Reincarnate

My sister from another mister
My brother from another mother
I choose you
because we reflect each other

I want my son to mirror me
I want our girl to look like us
Together we exhibit
The power of love

Unique to this universe
We grew from the soil
We’re mentally connected
to all powers above

Let’s do it again
Reincarnate our souls
Connect polar opposites
Turn our solar halves into a whole
“Let’s Reincarnate”

I Am Woman

I am kali, I am gaia 
I am nut, isis and mami-wata
I am The One I’ve been waiting for
I am the venus of willendorf

I am every woman
Originator of life and love
A reflection of the first mother
Soil below and soul above

I am every periodic element
Known and unknown to man
I breast fed this entire planet
Made it everything it is

I am every woman
Life goes back to one
My darkness created the light
I was deified before my sun

I am every wombman
The matrix is within me
I am every woman
Infinite, eternally

“I Am Woman”

A Tribe That Refused To Be Captured Into Enslavement

Kru People
A Tribe That Refused To Be Captured Into Enslavement 

The Kru people inhabit a homeland in coastal southeastern Liberia and neighboring Cote d`Ivoire (Ivory Coast). The Kru are a tribe known for sailing. Some Kru have also migrated to the neighboring Sierra Leone to work as fishermen and dockworkers.

The Kru along with the Grebo resisted Maryland settlers’ efforts to control their trade. They were also infamous amongst early European enslavers as being especially averse to capture.

Their reputation was such that their value as enslaved people was less than that of other African peoples, because they would so frequently attempt to escape or to take their own lives upon being captured. Although they lived along the coast, the Krus refused to take part in Trans-Atlantic enslavement trade and they fought viciously against slave traders who made attempts to capture a Kru.

The Kru engaged in trade, migrant labor, and seafaring. They established fishing and migrant worker settlements along the coast as far east as Cameroon and as far west as Freetown and Cape Verde. Their skill with canoes in the treacherous surf waters was already world renowned by the 1700s, when they served on British merchant and war ships, and even established small settlements in Liverpool and in the Americas.

A Kru woman with "shield" finger-rings and hair ornaments. (1906)  Photo by: Johnston, Harry Hamilton, Sir, 1858-1927
A Kru woman with “shield” finger-rings and hair ornaments. (1906)
Photo by: Johnston, Harry Hamilton, Sir, 1858-1927
Kru Woman 1910
Kru Woman 1910
Kru Woman 1910
Kru Woman 1910